Top Brands of Chocolate

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Chocolate is the sweetest pleasure that man has ever found. There are various types of chocolates prepared worldwide. Though the process used to make chocolate has been standardized, people choose chocolate brands from various chocolate companies, as this allows them to choose chocolates of their interest with a wide range of quality and taste. Here we will discuss some of the world’s top 10 brands of chocolate in the past year.

Moonstruck Chocolate:

Based in Orgeon, this delightful chocolate company offers up some cute as a bug truffles this Valentine’s Day – “bug” being the operative word. Their Love Bugs are dark ganache truffles flavored with raspberry or strawberry, with painted on smiles that make the candies almost too sweet to eat. Almost! Be sure to visit them online for collections featuring bon bons flavored with champagne, creme brulee, and Irish cream among other taste sensations.


M&M’s are candy-coated pieces of milk chocolate with the letter “M” printed on them. They are popular in the United States and many other countries. They contain several variations of the candies, including milk chocolate, peanut, mint, and dark chocolate (with or without peanuts). The chocolates are produced in brown, yellow,green, and many other colors which are colorful and interesting enough to be appealing to people.

Organic Chocolates:

If your sweetheart is thinking more “green” than red these days, you may wish to present her or him with a selection of organic and fair-trade bars. Some of the more noted brands you might find at your local grocer include Green and Black’s, Endangered Species, and Dagoba Chocolate, all of which carry different varieties – from milk to dark to white, plain or with nuts or berries or other yummy extras.

Swiss Thins(Lindt)

Lindt was built in 1845 in Switzerland. With more than a history of 160 years, Lindt has become the top brand chocolate and sells its product among over 80 countries. Lindt chocolate is refined but not too sweet, so it’s a accepted by both the young and the old. NB: If you want to buy a bar of chocolate for your grandparents or other old men, please pay more attention to its 80% black chocolate, which is neither too bitter nor too sweet.


Guylian came to the world just 30 years ago, but it has win an international reputation after its foundation. Guylian has a heavily sweet taste, which usually mixes chocolate with milk. You can choose Guylian without hesitation if you are fond of sweet food. What’s more, the price of Guylian ranges from $4 to $50, you can have a huge selection to afford the one that suits you best.

Chocolate Fruit Dip: A Healthy Recipe For You

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Eating chocolate is good or bad for health…?

Well chocolate is the most likable and famous things to eat worldwide. In recent times chocolate has been considered to be healthy as it contains a chemical which helps in lowering the bad cholesterol from the blood.

Chocolates are made with cocoa which contains antioxidants. These antioxidants protect the body from aging caused by free radicals, that can cause damage to heart and leads to heart diseases.

Chocolate has more than 300 chemicals and therefore remain the subject of studies by many universities as well as scientific organizations. The main ingredient of chocolate, i.e. cocoa has antibacterial agent that fights tooth decay.

The chocolate also contains carbohydrate which raises the serotonin levels in the brain and thus results in a sense of well being.

Try out this healthy chocolate recipe: Chocolate Fruit Dip

This dessert item is not only lower in fat and in calories, but it is very fast to prepare and fantastic to eat.

The ingredients required are as follows: 1-1/2 cup plain yogurt, 2 tbsp fat free milk, 10 marshmallows, 2 tbsp semisweet chocolate chips along with few assorted fresh fruits.

Take a strainer and line it with four layers of cheesecloth and put over a bowl. Put the yogurt in a prepared strainer, cover yogurt with edges of cheesecloth. Refrigerate for 8-10 hours.

Take a small pan and combine the milk, marshmallows and chocolate chips. Cook till chips are melted and you get a smooth mixture. Transfer it to another bowl and allow it to cool.

Remove yogurt from cheesecloth and discard the liquid from the bowl. Stir yogurt into milk mixture. Refrigerate till serving. It can be served with fruit.

The dish is really healthy as it carries healthy fruits. So next time when your children asked for the chocolate…don’t say “no” to them…Give them some healthy chocolate recipes and you will find a wonderful smile on your kid’s face.